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revealing the intimacy of sound

Opus Audio designs and manufactures integrated loudspeaker systems of outstanding quality, for a variety of professional audio applications.


Our ethos has been to cultivated a simple objective since conception in the early 90’s.

The main principal behind the OPUS brand is to retain the original integrity and magic of a performance by honestly reproducing the complexity, emotion and purity of the original sound.

It is our objective to ensure the listener is unaware of any equipment and be consumed by the immersive experience of the performance.

Industrial Revolution

Since the industrial revolution, Britain has been a cradle of invention.  From railways connecting our cities, to the world wide web connecting our globe - Britain has taken pride in its part, in the development of many of the technologies that have transformed our lives.  Even from the dawn of the technological revolution - from radio and television to the computer - Britain has played a key role.

It is our intention to continue this legacy by transforming the soundstage within public spaces, to a level of transparency and detail not thought possible.

We invite you to experience the manifestation of our desire to create the next generation of professional audio equipment.


We are committed to creating amazing experiences. Those that ignite senses, stir passions, elevate intimacy, and connect the individual to the intrinsic qualities that have always been present within music.

We intend to redefine the expectations and demands of this industry which is one example of our ambitious vision.  It reflects the single-minded determination in our aspirations, which push us forward to surpassing existing limitations.


Our approach to technology is always dynamic, never static.  Rather than simply applying technologies in their existing forms, we see them as inspiring starting points for new developments.

Always projecting forward, we think creatively and laterally, re-working and re-imagining the latest advances whilst being the pioneers and developers of new propriety technology.


Passion makes us human. It also drives us to create amazing products. Although our engineering is highly technical and fuelled by innovation, when we are designing, building and testing new components, we put sensory experience first.  For example  -  Is the experience moving?  Does it ignite emotion?

Figures and technical specifications can matter, but ultimately what really counts for OPUS, is how our products affect those that listen and feel, to the emotion that music can create.

Portfolio of work

  • Eden Court Inverness - Scotland

    Eden Court

    Inverness - Scotland
  • Royal Academy of Music

    Royal Academy of Music

  • New Vic

    New Vic

  • Ukranian Cathedral

    Ukranian Cathedral

  • Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

    Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

  • Mosely Mill

    Mosely Mill

  • Grand Hall & Theatre

    Grand Hall & Theatre

  • DBS Arts Centre

    DBS Arts Centre

  • Cosmos Theatre

    Cosmos Theatre

  • Rose Theatre

    Rose Theatre

    South West London
  • Allen & Heath

    Allen & Heath

  • Plymouth Pavilions

    Plymouth Pavilions

  • Pryzm


  • Gatecrasher


  • NG-ONE Nightclub

    NG-ONE Nightclub

  • Helsinki


  • O2 Academy

    O2 Academy

  • iEffects


    Anchored Event
  • Petroc College

    Petroc College

  • Oaksmere


  • Princess Pavilion

    Princess Pavilion

  • St Paul's Girls School

    St Paul's Girls School

  • St Mary's Church

    St Mary's Church


    Our Clients

    We have partnered up and colloborated with innovative companies from all over the world.
    • Royal Academy of Music, London
    • Eden Court, Inverness, Scotland
    • Rose Theatre, Kingston
    • New Vic Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent
    • Cosmos Theatre, Moscow
    • Grand Hall & Theatre, Scarborough
    • Rose Theatre, South West London
    • Pryzm, Birmingham
    • Gatecrasher, Sheffield
    • iEffects, Nottingham
    • Petroc College, Barnstaple
    • Princess Pavilion, Falmouth
    • Mossley Mill, Belfast
    • DBS Arts Centre, Singapore
    • Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
    • St Paul’s Girls’ School, Hammersmith, London
    • St Mary’s Church, Nottingham
    • Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, London
    • Allen & Heath, Falmouth
    • Plymouth Pavilions
    • NG-ONE, Nottingham
    • Helsinki, Leicester
    • 02 Academy, Leicester
    • Oaksmere, Suffolk

    Head Office

    Unit 23 Merchants Quay
    Pennygillam Way
    Pennygillam Industrial Estate
    Cornwall PL15 7QA
    Great Britain

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